Friday, January 17, 2014

These are pictures of a new piece, a 10 string Myrtlewood Lyre, with Twisted "Ram`s Horn" necks, and a carved Menorah with olive leaves on the back, that  I am building today, workign on the final carving now. The first shots are of the rough clamped construction, and on to today !:-)

Here is the finished Jerusalem Olive wood Lyre.

This is myself playing , demonstration the Custom 'Shamah' nylon strung Lyre. It is built from Black Walnut and 35+ year , air-dried Engleman Spruce.

Custom 10 string Lyre, built with Olive Wood from Jeruslam.

This is  the Olive  wood boards, with the tracings made for the Lyre, and then the cut out pieces all stacked up, that will become this custom 10 string Lyre.

Hebrew prayer, 'The Shamah', carved into both of the necks. Custom one of a kind King David Lyre, with 10 nylon strings.
Lots to catch up with from my last posts in April !!!;-))  Here we go !