Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ancient King David/Egyptian Style Laser Harp

This project is still happening, I am working on the detail design drawings right now. I will be ordering the electronics and laser next week

When I start to build the harp, I will be loading a whole series of drawings, starting with teh rough lumber being used! ;-)


Harp with strings and laser beams! Update!!

Ok, this one is moving on nicely !

The project is progressing, I have the drawings completed and they are with my client for her to look over for approval. We are designing this harp to be played on it`s flat base, or with it placed on top of the mini cabinet that will hold the lap top computer and midi controller set -up. The harp will lock to the mini cabinet with 4 thumb screws, that will be inside the top of the cabinet, and will screw into threaded inserts inset in the bottom of the base of the harp. The cables for the midi signals and power for the 6 lasers will connect to the midi controller and AC power surge protector in the cabinet. If the harp is set on it`s own base then these connecting cables will just go out the lower back sound hole.

The stereo /mono sound connection will be via two jacks on the lower outside of th eback of the sound box.

My client has requested that the base of the pillar to have roots that will spread out over the bottom end of the sound board. this is easily done, and I have done this on other carved harps I have created.

The harp and cabinet will be made of Cherry wood, with a solid Spruce sound board on the harp. The Spruce I use is 30 years air-dried, to be very stable. It also has very narrow tight growth rings. Both of these aspects help this tome wood to produce the very richest sound possible.

The harp will weigh only about 18 to 20 lbs , even with the pillar and neck carved with tree/branch/ leaves carving.

I just ordered the midi controller and software from OptiMusic in London, and will be ordering the 6 green lasers, and the indiviual string transducers from RMC Pickups in Berkley CA.

I will be picking out the Cherry wood next week to start to build!

Let em know any questions or thoughts that you have !

This new type of harp is patent pending.