Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This is a new custom caved 30 string nylon harp under construction, the "Jewel Harp", to be decoreted with precious gem stones.

This is a new custom caved 30 string nylon harp under construction. It is being built from Myrtle wood. tech carved parts will have various gem stones , some with gold settings, as part of the carved shapes, and flowing whirls of wood. The stones include diamonds, amethyst, citrines, rubies and sapphires.

In these first  shots, I have just laminated the extra wood needed to allow me to carve the final shapes from. teh last two pictures show the carving part way done.

New Design for Framed Laser Beam Light Harp, all Stainless Steel construction.

I have designed a new framed Laser Harp model that will not look "Framed", with
the harp being all stainless steel in construction. The design has a
waist high stainless steel control console, that is only four inches
deep, by fourteen inches wide, by 5 feet long. The control console is
supported by stainless support... pieces that angle out as they stretch up
to 10 feet above the players head, until they terminate at 12 feet wide
at the top, where a connecting pieces ties them together.

The 8 green lasers shine up in a fan shape from the control console, to terminate at 8 optic sensors on the top piece. The lasers are triggered by breaking the beams at any point in their transit to the optic sensors, triggering any type of media, audio or visual , in loops, sequences, single note/ sound, up to 70 times per second. The fully ... See More programmable software is installed in the compact lap top computer that is installed in the control console( removable for transport). The software includes a wave file editor and a built-in either. The lasers can also be reflected to additional optic sensors that are mounted in the control console surface, using the analog effect of changing voltage produced by different levels of laser light reflected to these sensors. This analog aspect of the software can produce variable pitch and volume change in the already triggered sounds and sequences produced by breaking the beams that shine at the top set of sensors. There is in addition a set of four control buttons or pedals that can be triggered to change the programing of all 16 sensor channels to an entirely new set of music/ sounds/ notes/ video and still imagery. Visual imagery and audio sounds can be triggered at the same time in all channels.

This Laser Harp model is available by custom order, for $18,000 . 

Cherry Red Electro-acoustic harp

Here are some pictures of a 36 string Cherry Red electro-acoustic harp I am working on currently.Here below you can see the drawings for the sound board paintings. The paintings will be over the natural Spruce, framed by it, with the whole sound board then being lacquer over the acrylic paint.

Photos of JCM Laser Harp under construction

Here is the JCM Laser Harp in it`s first stage of construction. This Laser Harp will have 7 low powered green lasers shinning onto optic sensors, with the laser beams looking like harp strings. The Myrtle wood will be carved to look like it was carved form the trunk and branch of an Olive tree, complete with small branches with leaves and olives ! ;-)

Photos of JCM Laser Harp under construction

I am just completing the assembllyof a Laser Harp I am building for the Jewish children`s Museum in Brooklyn NY. I will add more wood to create the main body part and then start to carve away all the wood that dose not look like a Lyre made from part of an olive Tree. It will have small branches with leaves and olives ...with Gilding, all made from Myrtle wood, with 7 green Laser beams to trigger music 'played'.