Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Completed Cambria 34 Harp, Cherry wood, Spruce Sound board, full set of Camac levers.

This is a completed Cambria 34 Harp, built from all solid Cherry wood, with a solid Spruce Sound board, and a full set of Camac sharping levers.
The strings are nylon, with wrapped metal base strings, with a note range from fifth octave -C, up to A.. The string tension is medium-high, typical of most of the lever harps being played today. The string spacing is a comfortable spacing that any harpists can play easily, not too wide or too narrow.

We sell these harp models in three sizes, 22, 29 and 34 strings, and the 22 string model is also available in a wire strung version. The 29 and 34 string models are available in four different stages of construction, as well as just blue prints and instruction manuals. The 22 string models are just available as Stage I kits, which consist of everything a builder needs but the wood. The 29 & 34 string kits are also available this way. A Stage I kit can be easily sent anywhere in the world, since the package is very compact.

The Stage II kits for the 29 & 34 have all the wood supplied, with some of the hardest parts done. All the pieces are cut out, and the sides of the sound box are glued to the end blocks.

The Stage III kits come to the builder almost finished, with only two small glue joints to assemble. All the hardware and string holes are pre-drilled and tested. All the rough sanding is finished for you, with just the fine sanding and clear lacquering to be done, along with the hardware and string installation. The fully complete Cambria 29 & 34 models are our Stage IV kits, ready to be played!

Please see our Cambria Harp Kits & Plans website for more detailed information ! :-)

Here is a video I just uploaded to Youtube, of me playing this harp ! :-)