Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Custom Harp Builder

Welcome to my new blog, the Custom Harp Builder Blog! Where I will be posting pictures of my custom carved one-of-a-kind harp creations, as they are being created.

Your comments or creative ideas are always welcome !

These harps are unlike any others being created on Earth. Since 1978 I have custom designed and built over 275 harps like these shown here. From single string-band lever harps with from as little as 10 strings, up to 42 strings, as well as cross strung and double strung harps, electric harps and laser beams ones as well!

I always first start with the strings, spacing, tension and materials, and then go to the size weight and style of harp that is desired. I then design the 'look' and feel of the harps image and energy, with any three-dimensional or relief carving desired, as well as painting and inlay work.

Glenn J. Hill 5/31/08

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