Friday, January 2, 2009

Children`s Hospital Laser beam harp

I just installed in Sept 2008, a custom designed and crafted a laser beam harp with 8 red lasers, for the "Children`s Hospital of the King`s Daughter`s", in Virginia Beach Virginia.

The harp which is the size of a lap harp, is attached to a self-contained electronics cabinet. The cabinet which is secured to the floor of the hospital lobby, contains the lap top computer, midi controller, power supplies and the stereo sound system .

The harp is made of highly figured Maple, dyed purple, and the cabinet is natural Maple. The lasers are low powered red 5mw, totally safe ones.

This laser harp is set to be at a comfortable child height, for the children to play when they come for exams. It can play any kind of sampled wave file or synth sound, as single notes, play-to-end sequences or as loops that keep playing till the beam is broken again. There are all kinds of combination ways to trigger the sounds as well. the software and midi controller are made for me by OptiMusic, and are fully programable, state-of-the-art in capacity.

Here are a couple of shots showing the cabinet open to show the computer/with the software showing and the other electronics.

Here is some video , showing the harp and the sounds it can make, in action!

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