Friday, January 2, 2009

New Project! : Laser Harp styled like an Ancient Egytian Harp carved to look like a part of an Olive Tree! ;-)

I have a new commission, for a Egyptian Style Laser Beam harp. This harp will be installed at a location to be-revealed, when it is open to the public, latter in 2009. The harp will have seven low powered green lasers. It will be installed with low level water based fog in action, giving the occasional pulse of vapor, to make the low powered lasers to be more highly visible in normal lighting conditions.

I will be posting pictures of it`s construction, when that gets under way latter in January.

Here is one of the concept drawings for this laser harp. I will be carved from multible layers of figured Oregon Myrtle wood. this is the same tree as the Bay Laurel Tree.

It will be carved to resemble an section of an olive tree w/ branch. There will be some carved leaves and olives on smaller branches, on the upper part, with some gilding. Myrtle wood has a very nice golden brown/silver/and even purple color, with lots of fiddle back figure.

This will be a fun project, with completion coming in April 2009 ! :-)

Glenn J. Hill

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