Thursday, February 25, 2010

I currently have  a custom Electro-acoustic 36 string harp, one completed custom Laser beam harp, and two Custom Wire Strung harps available for sale and ready to be shipped.

Custom Black Walnut Acoustic-electric 36 nylon Strings
 One of my clients has let me know that he needs to sell an electro-acoustic harp I built for him a few years ago. It is 36 nylon strings, with medium to high string tension, built from Black Walnut, with a solid spruce sound board. It has a full set of Loveland sharping levers.
The decoration, as you can see, is designed in a Bamboo style, with Bamboo shaped back sound joles, relief carving on the side of the pillar. There are also mini partially pierced sound holes/ carvings with black detailing, on the sound board.
The sound system is dual output stereo/mono, using the individual RMC string transducers. This is the same system that Lyon & Healy uses on their electric harps.

It is for sale ...for $4,900 plus shipping from the SF bay region of Northern California. 

Please contact me for information on how you may contact the owner, to talk to him, or to see and play this harp in person, if you are in the area.

Custom Carved Myrtle wood Laser Harp with 8 green Lasers. 
This is a Carved Myrtle wood Laser Harp with 8 green Lasers. Here shown both with fog and the lasers running, and with no fog and the lasers turned off.

I rarely build a Custom Harp that has not been commissioned. But this is one I just built in the fall of 2009 to show at a Science and Technology Center Conference in Texas. It is styled a bit like one that I am building for the 'Jewish Children`s Museum' in NY, NY. That commissioned project will be carved to look like the harp was carved from an olive tree trunk/branches , with lots of Organic detail.
This harp is about 38 inches tall, designed to be installed on the top of a display cabinet or counter, about four high. The supplied software and midi controller will respond to breaks of the laser beams up to 70 times per second. Up to 60 sound or visual 'events', can be programmed for each laser beam, and their is a supplied four-button control box, that can be mounted with the harp, that allows museum patrons to scroll through as many different programs as you desire, or both sound and visuals. The system can control up to three LCD or similar type projectors, via a computer, to allow the lasers to trigger still or video images. With three projectors you can create almost a full immersion experience.

The lasers and sensor as both mounted in such a way that they are protected from damage via exploring fingers or other objects.
Please see my Laser Harp page for specs on all the midi/multimedia control equipment and software that is included with this Laser Harp.
It is currently for sale and available for $15,000, complete with software and all multimedia control equipment, ready to hook to a Laptop computer and sound system.
Thirty Three strings, Rock Maple Bronze wire strung harp
Maple wire harp, 33 stringsMaple wire ,33 string harp

his harp shown above  is a wire strung harp built from Birds eye Rock Maple with a solid Spruce sound board a full set of Loveland levers. these is also colorful Celtic designs painted on the sound board. It is in Brand New condition.

 This unusual wire strung harp is built from Rock Maple with Solid Spruce sound board. It also has a complete set of 33 Loveland sharpening levers. The note range is from Fourth Octave C, up to First Octave A.
The combination of the spruce sound board with the rock Maple sound box, gives this harp a bright bell-like sound, but without too much over ring, that you can have from a hardwood sound board. The Loveland levers work perfectly for Bronze wire strings, and This harp has a beautiful five sided staved sound box, with the highly decorative wood grain that Birds Eye Maple wood is know for. Bird`s Eye Maple is highly figured, with many different shades and tones of golden-white and brown.

This harp was built to be comfortable to be played with the finger tips or nails. the string spacing is perfectly placed for either playing style. There is a solid Spruce sound board, made from Old Growth Engelmann Spruce, with very tight growth rings. This marvelous tone wood has been air- dried for at least twenty years. The Spruce was used to balance with the Maple, for a sound that is bright and carries well, but that does not have excessive over-ring.

The full set of Loveland levers give you a fully levered bronze wire strung harp, for the most flexibility in playing any type of music. The Loveland Levers work extremely well on bronze strings, when the lever set is designed and installed properly. They are very gentle on the bronze strings, since they do not force the strings in pushing direction. Instead these levers gently cradle the strings, producing a solid tone when engaged, giving you all the normal key changes that lever harps are able to do.
The sound board is beautifully painted with Celtic designs, in a tasteful blend of Red, Green and Blue colors. this harp comes with a custom Blue colored soft padded case, and a custom shaped tuning key, also made from figured Maple.

Please call or write me if you would like more information on this harp!


 Regular  Price: $4,800.00
Sale Price: $3,000.00
Shipping cost to be determined at time of purchase.
Location of harp is Southern Oregon, near Ashland & California border.

Custom 20 wire strings Myrtle Wood Harp
This little wire strung lap harp is designed to be comfortable to be played with the finger tips and/or fingernails. There is a full set of Loveland sharping levers, which work very well with the bronze strings. The sound board is Engelmann Spruce, which matches very well with the Oregon Myrtle wood sound box, neck and pillar. The Spruce give a very nice sound that does not over-ring, sounding much like the ancient Willow wood wire strung harps of Ireland. The Loveland levers work well as they are set up to have just a gentle but clear, one point contact to the wire strings, which prevents crimping. The decoration on this harp consist of a spray of carved leaves on top of the harp neck, and an inlayed and engraved Star pattern of Koa and Holly wood veneers, with Celtic knot work inside the design. The harp is equipped with a Myrtle wood display cradle to rest in. 
This harp is for sale for  $1,500, not including shipping. 
It is currently located in MA, on the American East Coast, and will be shipped form there. If you are in that area of the country, and would like to see this harp in person, I can put you in contact with the owner to make arrangements.


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