Monday, January 11, 2010

Working on new Pentatonic Harp design in my shop today

I am creating a design/drawing for a client today in my shop, for a large Double  Pentatonic harp. It will have 5 octaves, with 60 strings in total, set up with the longest string in the middle, and then with two identical string sets in one line going out from that middle string, like a mirror image of each other. These nylon and composite metal strings will be set into an oval neck frame, with the sounding box at the bottom of the harp. It will be about 68 inches tall. the tuning pegs will be in the top of the neck, along with bridge pins. There will be no levers, since the tuning is to be only played pentatonic.

I am not sure if this one will be built, as the clinet has nto yet decided which way he wants to go, with a more typical double harp, or with this approach! :-)


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