Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Performance Laser Beam Harp for Stage Performing

New model for Stage Performances with a Laser Harp on Stage

We  have designed a new framed Laser Harp model that will not look "Framed", with the harp being all stainless steel in construction

The design has a waist high stainless steel control console, that is only four inches deep, by fourteen inches wide, by 5 feet long. The control console is supported by stainless support pieces that angle out as they stretch up to 10 feet above the players head, until they terminate at 12 feet wide at the top, where a connecting piece ties them together.

The 8 green lasers ( can be set up with Green or Red Lasers, or a mixture of both),  shine up in a fan shape from the control console, to terminate at 8 optic sensors on the top piece. The lasers also will produce visually pleasing 'over splash' of green laser light, flashing over the heads of your audience,  reflecting off the top Stainless Steel cross piece. 

The lasers are triggered by breaking the beams at any point in their transit to the optic sensors, triggering any type of media, audio or visual , in loops, sequences, single note/ sound, up to 70 times per second. The fully programmable software is installed in the compact lap top computer that is installed in the control console( removable for transport). The software includes a wave file editor and a built-in synthesizer. 

The lasers can also be reflected to additional optic sensors that are mounted in the control console surface, using the analog effect of changing voltage produced by different levels of laser light reflected to these sensors. This analog aspect of the software can produce variable pitch and volume change in the already triggered sounds and sequences produced by breaking the beams that shine at the top set of sensors, as well as additional variable sounds and image projections.
This reflecting can be done with just the bare hands, though reflective gloves can be worn to add to the effect and visual appeal. ( The low powered lasers used are considered safe by the US FDA, to interact with, with bare hands).The reflected green laser beams also will flash off the Stainless Steel control consul surface, adding additional flashes of brilliant green Laser Light.

There is in addition a set of four control buttons or pedals that can be triggered to change the programming of all 16 sensor channels to an entirely new set of music/ sounds/ notes/ video and still imagery.

Visual imagery and audio sounds can be triggered at the same time in all channels.

Imagine,..... eight Green lasers shooting up in a spreading fan of brilliant green Light,  to sensors overhead, and the stainless steel top rib reflecting and splitting the over-splash of the beams to shine all over and above the audience in a performing break those beams, trigger waves of music chords, sounds of space and nature, while also with the same beams triggering visual projectors to display large images moving on the scrim at the back of your stage,...... while the Brilliant Green Laser Beams you are breaking are also being reflected to other sensors on your control console to trigger secondary programming, including volume /pitch change via the level of reflected Laser Light. All the while, the over splash form the Green Lasers is flashing off the highly reflective Steel. 

 All of this in a streamlined space-age very slim and low profile, stainless steel frame ! ;-)
The software we use has the capacity to respond to a break of a laser beam up to 70 times per second. You can program up to 60 events per 'song', with an endless number of possible 'song' combination of any type of audio-visual event, image, video, sound sampled wave files, etc. The software is fully programmable with an on-screen syntheses and wave file editor, available to pre-program an endlessVarietyy of sound and visual scapes of any type of audio or visual event file or element.. This Laser Light Harp model will have 16 channels available. Our software can control three LCD or other type of projectors from one lap top, computer when an extra video card is installed.

This all Stainless Steel, modular/foldable, compact for transport Laser Harp, with 8 Green and/or Red  lasers and 16 audio/visual trigger channels, fully equipped with laptop computer & software multimedia controller system, can be custom ordered for US$19,000. Shipping is extra.

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