Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New 'Plug And Play' Laser Beam Harp Installations for Science and Children`s Museums

For Science and Children`s Museums

 For installation in your Science or Children`s Museum, we can design a compact lap or floor sized laser harp that looks just like a harp. The cabinet and Harp are both constructed form very durable Rock Maple, finished with tough Poly finish, and can be colored with a wide range of colored stains or tints.

We can build for you a compact self contained unit of a beautiful hardwood  base cabinet that houses all the electronics, computer and stereo sound system, with a Laser Beam Light Harp mounted securely to the top. This option is all self contained, needing only a AC power jack in the floor below the cabinet ( either 110 or 220, a step down transformer will be supplied in the case of 220 power). This Laser Harp comes with full instruction/installation manual including photos, and is 'plug and play', with full functioning assembly taking only an hour or two.

The software we use has the capacity to respond to a break of a laser beam up to 70 times per second. You can program up to 60 events per 'song', with an endless number of possible 'song' combination of any type of audio-visual event, image, video, sound sampled wave files, etc. The software is fully programmable with an on-screen syntheses and wave file editor, available to pre-program an endless Variety of sound and visual-scapes of any type of audio or visual event file or element. The software comes with many pre-programmed 'song' selections, and is fully custom programmable for your needs.  

This system with 8 red and/or green Lasers, comes fully equipped, ready to 'plug & play', for US$14,800 . Shipping is extra, but with a compact shipping crate, can be easily shipped worldwide.

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